I just wanted to say a big   THANK YOU  for your help today - really appreciated your help with our 3 counsellors.

I have found CounselPro is a very effective program that securely holds confidential counselling notes and student information.   CounselPro has become an invaluable tool,  especially in regards to accessing data and statistics that helps me recognise and summarise presenting issues, year level, gender and socio-cultural trends while also assisting our school to implement year level or whole school strategies.

  The system is very user friendly   (even for a techno-phobe such as myself!). My Principal and Board have found the charts and reports important in terms of understanding and developing ideas about student health and well-being and I have no concerns about maintaining individuals confidentiality.

CounselPro is an excellent resource for our school Guidance Department. It enables us to maintain confidential notes and access data that   summarises Year levels and presenting issues. 

I just wanted to let you know I have had a great year using CounselPro! I’m getting ready to make some graphs and charts which look fantastic. Thanks so much.

We have had   Counselpro at our school for the last 4 years.  It has been an invaluable tool, both for storing notes and providing statistics at a click of a button. Once you have it installed it is simple to use, which is always important. As the Head of Guidance in a large school with 3 staff, believe me, no one has the time for anything complicated.