Safe and Secure

With CounselPRO, all counselling data is securely stored within your school network, giving you complete control over your students’ information. The school’s IT team can choose the exact location of the database within your school network.

CounselPRO uses two independent layers of security to protect counselling data. Firstly, access controls are placed on the database folder, which is enforced by the school’s IT team, ensuring that only specified users have access to the database. Secondly, the platform uses industry best practice encryption, which is applied to all counselling data, making it unreadable by unauthorized users.

The encryption can only be decrypted by authorized CounselPRO users, providing an additional layer of protection to the counselling data. The platform also offers complete transparency with regards to who has access to the data, ensuring that only those with appropriate authorization can access and manage the data.

For more info read our Data storage and security FAQ